Ensure Proper Ventilation in Your Horse Stable

It is very important to maintain proper ventilation inside your horse stable. If your barn is poorly ventilated, it can lead to serious health consequences for your horses. Horses can develop respiratory problems if they continue breathing in poor quality air that circulates within their stalls. If not properly addressed, your horses can succumb to allergic reactions and can potentially die because of this bad situation.
Proper ventilation in the barn is truly essential because it allows flow of fresh air within your barn structure. Moving air helps to clear away stale air and bad odors which are totally not good for your horse and to you as well. When you are inside feeding or taking care of your horses, you wouldn’t want to constantly breathe in the ammonia smells in there. Breathing ammonia air isn’t good for your health. It can be potentially fatal also especially if the concentration level is very high and your barn is tightly sealed.

During summertime, good ventilation will help make your horses feel comfortable. Sometimes hot weather can be coupled with high humidity which can make your horse feel overheated. Surely, you cannot leave your horses under the direct heat of the sun, but keeping them inside the stable can also be potentially harmful also if your barn feels like a heated oven. Ensuring proper ventilation inside will help to avoid heat stress onto your horses and keep them healthy and safe.

To address the issues of poor ventilation in your Horse Stalls, you must strive to put in barn windows in every stall Entrance Gate. The barn windows are especially helpful during summer when the temperature is very high and your horses need fresh breezes to help cool their bodies. If the weather is bad, however, you can partially close them to keep rain and moisture from coming in. Otherwise, always get into the business of creating cross-ventilation by opening the barn windows from each horse stall to have healthy and fresh air swirling in inside your stable.

Another good way to improve ventilation inside your barn is to put in some barn ceiling fans. The barn ceiling fans will aid in the movement of air especially when there seems to be no strong breezes that come naturally. The barn ceiling fans will help to dispel excess heat and moisture that has built up within the stable. These should be installed over the horse stalls and down the center aisle. Such positioning works best to draw out hot, stale air that envelope your barn.

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